Getting Started with Online Radio

Have you ever wanted to start your own radio station? As you can probably guess, it’s a pretty expensive thing to get into, especially when taking into account the massive costs. In fact, the costs alone are a barrier too high for many looking to start a station, let alone the complexity of the broadcasting legislation. Fortunately, thanks to the soaring popularity of online radio, streamed over the Internet, over the past few years, it’s now a whole lot easier than it used to be to become an Internet radio presenter or DJ.

Do you love music and would like to share your passion with people from around the globe by mixing your favourite tracks and delivering them via cyberspace? Or maybe you are crazy about a particular topic and would love to start your own phone-in station or talk show. The truth is there are just so many options out there right now to allow you to get started with your dream of owning a radio station and here at Radio WMAF we would like to give you a helping hand.
Many people assume that to get into online radio, you need a very high level of technical knowledge but this isn’t strictly true. Back in the day, because the underlying technology of streaming media was and is very complicated, you really had to be a bit of a technical expert. Although the technology hasn’t changed that much, what has happened is that more powerful hardware and software have allowed the technical aspects to be almost hidden from you and I, the end users (or DJs in our case).

While traffic still needs to be routed correctly over the Internet for your listeners to enjoy your programmes, we no longer need to be worrying about UDP packets and IP addresses because our radio station software handles all of this and more without you even knowing. Of course, if you love the technical side of broadcasting and the Internet and computers in general, you are free to “look under the hood” so to speak and tweak with the advance settings of both the radio station hardware and software.

If reading the above has peaked your interest in launching a radio station online then we strongly recommend that you at least pursue this interest a little further. Even if you don’t intend to start a commercial station, it can still make a fabulous hobby or pastime and really is a great way to spend your evenings and weekends. The whole online radio scene is pretty friendly and you’ll surely be welcomed with open arms by other Internet radio broadcasters, both professionals and hobbyists alike.